Contoh Soal Literasi Bahasa Inggris UTBK 2022/2023

Contoh Soal Literasi Bahasa Inggris UTBK 2022/2023, Latihan soal ini bisa menjadi referensi untuk teman-teman dalam mengerjakan soal-soal bahasa inggris untuk menghadapi UTBK.

Dilansir Fajar Pendidikan dari laman, berikut ini Contoh Soal Literasi Bahasa Inggris UTBK 2022/2023. Simak di bawah ini

Latihan Soal Literasi Bahasa Inggris

1. The question is based on the following passage.

Supply chain weaknesses were brought to the forefront during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for industries relying on electronics, as the flow of raw materials slowed or sometimes stopped. On top of that, shifting consumer values and tougher environmental regulations have resulted in more people buying hybrid vehicles. The batteries in these cars require rare metals that, depending on their supplies, can have volatile and unpredictable prices. However, there are other scarce elements and materials that may be used in smaller amounts in hybrid models versus conventional gas vehicles, raising the question of how these vehicles really compare with regard to supply chain vulnerabilities. Randolph Kirchain and colleagues wanted to develop a comprehensive comparison of the elements and compounds that go into all the parts in gas-powered, self-charging hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars, calculating each of the three vehicles’ materials cost vulnerability.

The researchers collected information on the compounds in the more than 350,000 parts used to build seven vehicles from the same manufacturer with different levels of electrification, including four sedans and three sport utility vehicles (SUVs). Then, they calculated the amount of the 76 chemical elements present, as well as a few other materials, in each car type. To develop a monetary metric for vulnerability, the team considered the weight of each component, along with its average price and price volatility between 1998 and 2015. The results showed that self-charging hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles have twice the raw material cost risks. The largest contributors to the increase in cost risks were battery-related elements, such as cobalt, nickel, graphite and neodymium. The researchers say that as manufacturers ramp up electric vehicle production to meet demand, reducing raw material cost risks with long-term supplier contracts, substituting some materials or recycling others will be a good idea.

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American Chemical Society. (2021). Hybrid cars are twice as vulnerable to supply chain issues as gas-powered models. Taken on August 16, 2021 from

The author would apparently agree that the relationship between environmental regulations and the purchase of hybrid vehicles in paragraph 1 is similar to the phenomenon of ….

  1. cars and traffic
  2. oil and gas stations
  3. people and vehicles
  4. gasoline and transportation
  5. modern life and electric cars

Jawaban: A


Soal tersebut menanyakan analogi yang tepat dari hubungan antara peraturan lingkungan dan pembelian mobil hibrida.

Informasi yang berkaitan dengan hal tersebut terdapat di paragraf pertama kalimat kedua. Pada kalimat tersebut, dikatakan bahwa peraturan lingkungan menyebabkan masyarakat membeli mobil hibrida. Analogi yang digunakan di sini adalah analogi sebab akibat. Dengan demikian, analogi yang tepat adalah antara cars dan traffic karena mobil menyebabkan kemacetan sehingga pilihan A tepat.

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Pilihan B (minyak dan tempat pengisian bahan bakar) tidak tepat. Minyak tidak menyebabkan adanya pom bensin. Pom bensin didirikan karena adanya kendaraan.

Pilihan C (orang dan kendaraan) tidak tepat. Penyebab adanya kendaraan adalah jarak tempuh, bukan manusia.

Pilihan D (bahan bakar minyak dan transportasi) tidak tepat. Kendaraanlah yang menyebabkan adanya bensin, bukan sebaliknya.

Pilihan E (kehidupan modern dan mobil listrik) tidak tepat. Kehidupan modern tidak menyebabkan adanya mobil listrik. Mobil listrik diciptakan karena adanya masalah lingkungan.

Jadi, pilihan jawaban yang tepat adalah A.

2. The question is based on the following text.

Exercise is painful. As the cliché goes, “No pain, no gain.” When the body exerts itself, pumping action out of muscles to tear them down and build their mass, it’s left with a soreness. Doctors, coaches, and mothers all recommend heat for tense sore muscles—warm baths, moist towels, hot-water bottles, or heated pads as thermotherapy techniques. But how exactly does applying this heat help the pain and relax the muscles?

While exercising, the body requires more energy than it can produce through aerobic respiration, or the intake of oxygen. To create enough energy for vigorous movement, the body goes through another process: anaerobic respiration. This type of energy production burns sugars without oxygen, producing lactic acid within exerted muscles. Overworked muscles and a buildup of lactic acid are what cause the pain associated with exercising. When heat is applied to a sore area of the body, blood vessels widen and blood flow increases to transport excess lactic acid and other toxins away from tired muscles. These muscles are also made more elastic by the heat, and nerve endings are stimulated to block pain signals.

Hogeback, J. (n.d). Why Does Heat Relax Your Muscles? Taken on July 14, 2021 from

What is the purpose of the underlined sentence in paragraph 1?

  1. highlight the process of muscle building during exercise
  2. illustrate the cliché related to exercise and pain
  3. explain the sources of pain while exercising
  4. show the process of soreness on muscles
  5. define the cliché “No pain, no gain”

Jawaban: B


Soal menanyakan tujuan penulisan kalimat bergaris bawah yang terdapat pada paragraf pertama.

Terjemahan kalimat tersebut adalah ketika tubuh berolah raga, menuntut otot untuk bekerja keras dan mambangun massa, tubuh akan terasa nyeri. Dengan kata lain, kalimat tersebut bertujuan mengilustrasikan ungkapan “No pain, no gain,” yang berarti ‘Tidak ada pengorbanan, tidak ada hasil.’ (Pilihan B). Pengorbanan yang dimaksud diilustrasikan dengan rasa nyeri pada tubuh dan hasil diilustrasikan dengan pembentukan massa otot.

Pilihan A tidak tepat. Kalimat tersebut tidak menyoroti proses otot terbentuk saja, melainkan juga efek yang ditimbulkannya, yaitu rasa nyeri.

Pilihan C tidak tepat. Kalimat tersebut menyebutkan bahwa sumber rasa nyeri pada tubuh saat berolahraga adalah kerja keras otot saja. Tidak ada penjelasan mengenai sumber lain.

Pilihan D tidak tepat. Kalimat tersebut bukan hanya menunjukkan tentang nyeri pada otot yang diakibatkan dari berolah raga, tetapi juga terbentuknya massa otot.

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Pilihan E tidak tepat. Kalimat tersebut tidak memuat definisi dari ungkapan “No pain, no gain”, melainkan hanya memberikan ilustrasi untuk ungkapan tersebut.

Oleh karena itu, pilihan jawaban yang tepat adalah B.

3. Read the text below to answer the question!

A team led by UC Riverside geologists has discovered the first ancestor on the family tree that contains most familiar animals today, including humans. The tiny, wormlike creature, named Ikaria wariootia, is the earliest bilaterian, or organism with a front and back, two symmetrical sides, and openings at either end connected by a gut. The paper is published today in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

For 15 years, scientists agreed that fossilized burrows found in 555 million-year-old Ediacaran Period deposits in Nilpena, South Australia, were made by bilaterians. However, there was no sign of the creature that made the burrows, leaving scientists with nothing but speculation. Then, Scott Evans, a recent doctoral graduate from UC Riverside; and Mary Droser, a professor of geology, noticed miniscule, oval impressions near some of these burrows. With funding from a NASA exobiology grant, they used a three-dimensional laser scanner that revealed the regular, consistent shape of a cylindrical body with a distinct head and tail and faintly grooved musculature. The animal ranged between 2-7 millimeters long and about 1-2.5 millimeters wide, with the largest the size and shape of a grain of rice — just the right size to have made the burrows.

“We thought these animals should have existed during this interval, but always understood they would be difficult to recognize,” Evans said. “Once we had the 3D scans, we knew that we had made an important discovery.”

University of California – Riverside. (2020). Ancestor of all animals identified in Australian fossils: A wormlike creature that lived more than 555 million years ago is the earliest bilaterian. Taken on March 25, 2020, from

What is the main idea of the passage?

  1. the descendant on the family tree of familiar animals found in Australia
  2. a team led by UC Riverside geologists
  3. Australian geologists finding most animals
  4. the small ancestor of familiar animals identified in Australia
  5. the geologists’ discovery of a worm in Australia

Jawaban: D


Soal menanyakan ide pokok yang tepat dari teks bacaan.

Pada keseluruhan paragraf, teks tersebut membahas mengenai penemuan makhluk yang dianggap sebagai leluhur dari silsilah keluarga sebagian besar binatang yang ada saat ini.

Pilihan A tidak tepat karena terdapat kata The descendant yang berarti ‘keturunan’. Hal tersebut merupakan antonim dari kata ancestor yang berarti ‘leluhur’.

Pilihan B dan C tidak tepat karena yang menjadi fokus pada kedua pilihan tersebut adalah tim ahli geologi yang melakukan penemuan.

Pilihan D tepat karena pernyataan tersebut sesuai dengan yang disampaikan pada teks bacaan.

Pilihan E tidak tepat karena makhluk yang ditemukan bukanlah seekor worm (cacing), tetapi makhluk seperti cacing . Informasinya terdapat pada kalimat kedua paragraf pertama.



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