30 Ucapan Hari Kenaikan Isa Almasih Bahasa Inggris 2022, Happy Ascension Day!

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Ucapan hari kenaikan Isa Almasih bahasa Inggris

  1. What’s more, it happened while He favored them, He was separated from them, and conveyed up into paradise Happy Ascension Day! – Bible.
  2. The eve of Ascension Day is the birth of an inner you that is celebrated as the spiritual individualism headed towards the step of simple ascension, Happy Ascension Day!
  3. Happy Ascension Day! At His Ascension our Lord entered Heaven, and He keeps the door open for humanity to enter.
  4. In his life Christ is an example showing us how to live in his death he is a sacrifice satisfying our sins in his resurrection a conqueror in his ascension a king in his intercession a high priest. Happy Ascension Day!
  5. Our Lord is on the right hand of God and so should we. May the warmth of this occasion serve you right and keeps the love alive Happy Ascension Day!
  6. Jesus was beamed into ascension to show us there is another level up, which we call the life after death. May we all attain his creation, Happy Ascension Day!
  7. And it came to pass while He blessed them, He was parted from them, and carried up into heaven, Happy Ascension Day! – Bible.
  8. Our Lord is on the right hand of God and so should we. May the warmth of this occasion serve you right and keeps the love alive. Happy Ascension Day.
  9. May you receive all blessings on this great Ascension Day and find the right path today. Wishing you and all Ascension Day.
  10. Jesus has always been with us and we should never fear anybody because Jesus will always be with us. Happy Ascension Day.
  11. I pray that may Jesus give you all the happiness and all the love that you deserve in life. Wishing you Ascension Thursday.
  12. It was on this day that our beloved Jesus was received upon heaven and therefore, we must celebrate this day with great zeal.
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