Kunci Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 :Section 3 Halaman 177 Kurikulum Merdeka

Kunci Jawaban  Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 :Section 3 Halaman 177 Kurikulum Merdeka di bawah ini diharapkan dapat membantu orang tua dan guru dalam mengoreksi jawaban siswa.

Dengan demikian, Pelajaran ini dapat membantu anda dalam mengerjakan latihan soal pada section 3. Namun sebelum itu ada baiknya anda mengerjakan terlebih dahulu sebelum melihat kunci jawaban agar pelajaran lebih bermanfaat.

Simak berikut Kunci Jawaban Kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris kelas 7 halaman 177 Kurikulum Merdeka.

Section 3 – Reading and Viewing
a. Read an online chat between Pipit and Monita. They talk about some tips to stay focused during online learning. See the Wordbox.
b. Answer the following questions based on Pipit and Monita’s chat.
  • Why does Pipit ask for some tips from Monita?
    Jawaban : Pipit wants to stay focused on online learning.
  • Does Monita explain the tips on the chat?
    Jawaban : No, she only sends an infographic about it.
  • Mention the tips from the infographic that you want to do.
    Jawaban : I show up on time, I wear uniform, I study in a comfortable and quiet place and I take notes for important information.
  • What activities does Ibu Ayu do in online learning?
    Jawaban : She meets, talks, discusses with her students and explains materials.
  • Do you ind similarities between Monita’s tips and Ibu Ayu’s online rules? What are they?
    Jawaban : Yes, I do. Show up on time, wear a uniform, and mute microphone for listening.
c. Based on the infographic above, give a cross on thumbs up sign for the statement that is suitable with the tips or give a cross on a thumbs down for the statement that isn’t suitable with the tips. Number one has been done for you.
  • Create a schedule to remind you to join the class on time.
    Jawaban: thumbs up
  • You can wear pyjamas or any clothes that you want.
    Jawaban: thumbs down
  • Do not discuss or talk about things not related to the lessons in online class.
    Jawaban: thumbs up
  • You don’t have to take notes in online class.
    Jawaban: thumbs down
  • Online class is the same as the offline class.
    Jawaban: thumbs up
    Itulah Kunci Jawaban  Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 :Section 3 Halaman 177 Kurikulum Merdeka. Semoga Bermanfaat!
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