100 Contoh Kalimat yang mengandung Adjective, Yuk disimak!!!

100 Contoh kalimat yang mengandung Adjective akan dibahas pada bagian ini . Seperti yang kita ketahui, Adjective adalah salah satu bagian dari Parts of Speech. Setelah sebelumnya membahas mengenai pengertian, fungsi dan tujuan adjecttive, Kali ini Fajar Pendidikan akan membahas mengenai 100 contoh kalimat yang mengandung Adjective.

Berikut adalah 100 contoh kalimat dengan berbagai jenis adjective dalam bahasa Inggris:

1. She has a beautiful smile.
2. The old house creaked in the wind.
3. His loud voice echoed in the empty room.
4. The fluffy clouds floated lazily across the sky.
5. The tall tree swayed gently in the breeze.
6. Her bright eyes sparkled with excitement.
7. The large pizza arrived hot and fresh.
8. The cozy blanket kept her warm on the cold night.
9. The sleek car sped down the highway.
10. His warm hug made her feel safe.
11. The delicious aroma of fresh-baked bread filled the kitchen.
12. The small puppy wagged its tail happily.
13. The ancient ruins stood silent and majestic.
14. The icy wind sent shivers down her spine.
15. The colorful flowers bloomed in the garden.
16. The fast train raced through the countryside.
17. Her soft voice whispered in his ear.
18. The sturdy bridge spanned the wide river.
19. The beautiful sunset painted the sky in hues of pink and orange.
20. The playful kitten chased after the moving ball.
21. The sparkling stars lit up the night sky.
22. The old book smelled musty and worn.
23. The delicious chocolate cake melted in her mouth.
24. The green grass felt soft beneath her feet.
25. The tiny bird chirped cheerfully in the tree.
26. The bright sunshine warmed her face.
27. The elegant dress shimmered in the dim light.
28. The fresh breeze blew through the open window.
29. The heavy rain poured down from the dark clouds.
30. The sharp knife sliced through the ripe fruit.
31. The cold water sent a chill down her spine.
32. The beautiful painting hung on the wall.
33. The bright moon shone in the night sky.
34. The long road stretched out before them.
35. The noisy crowd cheered loudly at the game.
36. The warm fire crackled in the fireplace.
37. The colorful balloons floated high in the air.
38. The fast car zoomed past them on the highway.
39. The bright sun cast long shadows on the ground.
40. The sweet scent of flowers filled the air.
41. The old man walked slowly down the street.
42. The soft pillow cushioned her head as she slept.
43. The cold ice cream melted quickly in the heat.
44. The large mountain loomed in the distance.
45. The fresh snow covered the ground in a blanket of white.
46. The warm tea soothed her sore throat.
47. The bright stars twinkled in the night sky.
48. The tiny ant crawled slowly across the ground.
49. The delicious smell of cooking food wafted from the kitchen.
50. The soft sand felt warm beneath their feet.

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