50 contoh kalimat yang mengandung artikel dan determiner, Yuk Disimakk!!

50 Contoh kalimat yang mengandung artikel dan determiner akan dibahas pada bagian ini . Seperti yang kita ketahui, artikel dan determiner adalah salah satu bagian dari Parts of Speech. Setelah sebelumnya membahas mengenai pengertian, fungsi dan tujuan artikel dan determiner, Kali ini Fajar Pendidikan akan membahas mengenai 50 contoh kalimat yang mengandung artikel dan determiner.

Berikut adalah 50 contoh kalimat yang mengandung artikel dan determiner dalam bahasa Inggris:

1. The cat is sleeping on the sofa.
2. My sister bought a new car yesterday.
3. These flowers are so beautiful.
4. That book on the table belongs to me.
5. I saw an interesting movie last night.
6. His dog loves to play fetch.
7. Have you read all the books on your shelf?
8. We need some milk from the store.
9. She found a wallet in the park.
10. Those cookies taste delicious!
11. This is my favorite restaurant in town.
12. The students are studying for their exams.
13. Can you pass me the salt, please?
14. He has many friends from different countries.
15. Every child deserves a good education.
16. All the guests have arrived for the party.
17. I need some advice on buying a new computer.
18. Both of my parents are doctors.
19. That was a lovely sunset yesterday.
20. I don’t have much time to finish this project.
21. She gave me half of her sandwich.
22. Each student received a certificate of achievement.
23. Every morning, I go for a jog in the park.
24. This pen doesn’t work anymore.
25. Those mountains in the distance look majestic.
26. There are a few apples left in the basket.
27. He can speak neither English nor French.
28. We saw many birds at the lake yesterday.
29. This is the best day of my life!
30. The children are playing in the backyard.
31. She has enough money to buy a new car.
32. My brother likes to listen to music every evening.
33. Can you give me both of those boxes?
34. He bought several books from the bookstore.
35. I have to finish all my homework by tomorrow.
36. The weather was terrible last week.
37. She has been to both Paris and London.
38. Each of the students received a gold star.
39. Every flower in the garden is blooming beautifully.
40. These shoes are too small for me.
41. The cat is sitting on top of the refrigerator.
42. I have read all the books on this shelf.
43. Some of the students have already left.
44. Neither of the options seems suitable for me.
45. Can you bring me some water, please?
46. This is the last piece of cake.
47. He has been to every continent except Antarctica.
48. Both of my sisters are coming to visit next week.
49. We saw several shooting stars last night.
50. The baby is sleeping in the crib.

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Semoga contoh-contoh tersebut memberikan gambaran yang jelas tentang penggunaan artikel dan determiner dalam kalimat bahasa Inggris.

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