50 Contoh Kalimat yang mengandung Preposition, Yuk disimak!!!

50 Contoh kalimat yang mengandung Preposition akan dibahas pada bagian ini . Seperti yang kita ketahui, Preposition adalah salah satu bagian dari Parts of Speech. Setelah sebelumnya membahas mengenai pengertian, fungsi dan tujuan Preposition, Kali ini Fajar Pendidikan akan membahas mengenai 50 contoh kalimat yang mengandung Preposition.

Berikut 50 contoh kalimat preposition:

1. The cat is on the roof.
2. She lives in a small house.
3. He went to the store.
4. They are playing in the park.
5. The book is under the table.
6. We will meet at the cafe.
7. The keys are on the counter.
8. He jumped over the fence.
9. The flowers are in the vase.
10. She walked to the school.
11. The dog is beside the tree.
12. The movie starts at 7 PM.
13. The pen is in the drawer.
14. They are walking towards the beach.
15. The cake is on the table.
16. She is waiting for the bus.
17. The cat is sleeping on the bed.
18. He sat on the chair.
19. The car is in the garage.
20. They met at the restaurant.
21. The keys are under the mat.
22. He drove to the airport.
23. She is standing beside the door.
24. The train arrived at the station.
25. The book is between the two bookshelves.

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