Kunci Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Halaman 133

Siswa diminta untuk mempelajari dan mengerjakan materi pada Chapter 7 tentang Dayang Sumbi dalam buku Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 SMP/MTS. Berikut adalah Kunci Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Halaman 133.

Observing & Asking Questions

We will discuss what we can learn from “Sangkuriang”. Here are what we will do. First, we will read the questions carefully. Second, we will find the answer from the story in our notebook. Then, we will answer the questions orally.

We can ask our teacher questions, too. We will use a dictionary. We will make sure we know the meaning of every word in the folktale. We will spell the words and use the punctuation marks correctly.

- Iklan -

We will say the words loudly, clearly, and correctly.  

1. Who was Dayang Sumbi? Describe her.  

Kunci Jawaban:

- Iklan -

Dayang Sumbi was a beautiful and kindhearted princess. Her hobby was weaving cloth.

2. Who was Tumang? Why did Dayang Sumbi marry him?  

Kunci Jawaban:

- Iklan -

Tumang was a male dog. Dayang Sumbi married him because she had promised to marry anyone who came to bring her lost weaving tool back to her.

3. Was Tumang a human being or a dog?  

Kunci Jawaban:

Tumang was actually a man who had been cursed by a witch to become a dog. Tumang was actually Sangkuriang’s father.

4. What did Sangkuriang know about Tumang?  

Kunci Jawaban:

Sangkuriang thought that Tumang was only a dog.

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5. One day Sangkuriang killed Tumang. Did he kill him because he was a bad son to his father? Why did he kill him?  

Kunci Jawaban:

No, he was not a bad son to his father. Sangkuriang killed Tumang because he didn’t know that Tumang was actually his father. Sangkuriang just didn’t want to disappoint his mother who asked him to bring her a deer’s heart.

6. If you were Dayang Sumbi, would you tell Sangkuriang the truth or would you keep the secret from him? Explain your answer.  

Kunci Jawaban:

If I were Dayang Sumbi, I would tell Sangkuriang the truth about who is Tumang and who is her to Sangkuriang. Sangkuriang will understand if the truth has been told.

7. What happened to Sangkuriang after he killed Tumang?  

Kunci Jawaban:

Sangkuriang brought Tumang’s heart home and gave it to his mother, Dayang Sumbi. But after Dayang Sumbi knew that it was Tumang’s heart, not deer’s heart, she got very angry at Sangkuriang. She hit him with a piece of wood on his forehead, and told him to go away. Then Sangkuriang left Dayang Sumbi.

8. When Sangkuriang saw Dayang Sumbi, he proposed to marry her. Was he a bad son to his mother? Why did he want to marry her? 

Kunci Jawaban:

No, he was not a bad son to his mother. He didn’t know that Dayang Sumbi was his mother. He wanted to marry her because she was a beautiful young woman.

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9. Why did Dayang Sumbi ask Sangkuriang to build a lake and a boat in one night?  

Kunci Jawaban:

Because she thought it was impossible for him to do. So, Sangkuriang could not marry Dayang Sumbi.

10. Why could not Sangkuriang finish the boat?  

Kunci Jawaban:

Sangkuriang could not finish the boat because the genies who helped him to build the boat ran away, leaving the boat unfinished, when they thought the morning was broken because they saw the light in the east that made all the cocks in the village crow.

11. How did the boat get upside down?  

Kunci Jawaban:

After knowing that Sangkuriang will not be able to build the boat until done right after dawn, Sangkuriang kicked the boat so hard that it went upside down.

12. What have we learnt from the story?

a. You must not kill your parents

b. You must not marry your mother

c. You should not hide the truth

d. You should accept the truth that you will get old

Kunci Jawaban: c. You should not hide the truth

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